Value of a Satoshi: ¢ (USD)

VS US Dollar
1 Sat = ¢
VS Euro
1 Sat = ¢
VS British Pound
1 Sat = ¢
1000 Sat = ¢
1000 Sat = ¢
1000 Sat = ¢
1 Bitcoin = $
1 Bitcoin = €
1 Bitcoin = £
Enter Satoshi amount to get the value in a currency
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Enter currency amount to get the value in Satoshi
$ = Sat
€ = Sat
£ = Sat
A Satoshi is the smallest fraction of bitcoin available at this time. One bitcoin is 100 million satoshi. Given the philosophy of bitcoin, that is not necessarily the smallest fraction ever. If bitcoin becomes much more valuable, smaller fractions may be made available by the network.
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